The Value of Medical Sales Representatives

If you value your sales teams and retain them, they will become experts in the years to follow.

A valued sales representative performs better, and portrays a positive attitude in the market place. They love their job, who they work for and most importantly what they do.

“We all perform better when we feel valued as an employee, so why do companies get this so wrong?”

Medical sales representatives are in the face of the customer. They meet with medical professionals and specialist, as well as governments and private corporations. They are the face of your company, and represent your brand as ambassadors.

They raise brand awareness, and praise the company and products they represent. They are experts in their field, and work beside customers in the clinical environment.

That in a nutshell makes medical sales representatives valuable. What is the brand without this representation in health care?

What Does The Customer Want?

  • Expert knowledge and high levels of customer service
  • Ability to research your company and products online
  • Cost effective solutions with improved clinical outcomes
  • Quality and safety for health care workers and patients
  • Continuous after care service, repairs and maintenance
  • Education onsite and online (E-Learning)
  • Local representation and response
  • Consistency and respect

“If that’s what the customer wants, then companies need to meet these expectations, building trust and mutual respect.”

The cost of employing a medical sales representative is high. However, the investment should also provide a profitable return, with long term results and customer satisfaction.

Skilled and Effective Sales Teams

Investing in training and education, should be high on the list. Customers expect to speak with an expert, or qualified professional. A knowledgeable and professional sales team is valuable to any company.

“If you value your sales teams and retain them, they will become experts in the years to follow.”

Quality training is planned and detailed. It encompasses all aspects of health care, relevant to your business model. Online learning is growing in use, and allows delivery of training packages to teams across the globe.

Proper training gives your sales team the knowledge they need to find new business. It also gives them confidence when communicating with health professionals, and developing business opportunities.

Sales Reports And Market Analysis

The financial return is dependent on many factors. A companies reputation as well as the representative, is a critical factor in business growth. Invest time in your team, and provide the resources to drive sales performance.

Developing a strong sales strategy with your sales teams, makes them feel valuable and provides a more in-depth and detailed plan. It’s all about the detail.

Weekly sales reports identify whether targets are likely to be met. Sales data drives activity and can identify other revenue streams when sales are low.

Sales representatives feel valued when they are given the resources to meet their targets. Incentivised rewards for achievements make the target more appealing, and creates a worthy challenge.

Medical sales representatives have a varied and extensive role in health care. They are a valuable resource and drive long term business growth and customer satisfaction.

The Ultimate Outcome For Companies

  • Increased sales growth, market share and profitability
  • Brand awareness with a reputable background
  • Long term business with existing client base
  • New business development and increased opportunities
  • A strong and secure sales team

The Ultimate Outcome For Medical Sales Representatives

  • Meet or exceed sales targets and achieve incentive goals
  • Work for a reputable brand, who values their people
  • Secure a long term position, with room for growth and development
  • Explore and investigate sales avenues, and develop new revenue streams
  • Represent a strong and secure company, who are genuine and care

The Ultimate Outcome for Customers in Health Care

  • Professional service by qualified representatives
  • Dealing with a reputable brand, who value their customers and people
  • Long term consistency, trust and respect built over time
  • Increased selection of products and services, with local support
  • Secure company, with genuine intention and good representation

Support your sales teams and provide the necessary resources required to succeed in sales growth. Your customers will continually reward you for taking care of them with a qualified professional.

Milli Banks
Principal Consultant and Owner
Strategic Mode Pty Ltd

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