Effective Web Design and Management, Driving Business Growth

Website audits are so important. Keep your website up to date and on trend, and ensure the content is engaging your target audience. An effective web design can drive business growth and open opportunity.

Have you checked out your company website lately? Does it look up to date and engaging enough to drive business growth and develop opportunity?

When I search the internet and land on an outdated and visually un-engaging web page, I move on fairly quickly – like instantly!

It’s surprising how many businesses leave their websites stagnant and unloved. There are also social media platforms left in the same condition.

Consider your website as a central hub for all of your digital marketing efforts. It’s also a resource utilised by your sales team to raise brand and product awareness.

New Cover Page

I did some research of businesses in my local area and decided to compare websites to their associated social media platforms. I was surprised to find over 50% of the websites were outdated, and in some cases did not have the same consistent branding across their social media channels.

I think in the hustle and bustle of business, websites are being inadvertently neglected. You probably don’t look at your website on a regular basis, and maybe haven’t seen it since conception.

What seems like a job that can wait, is actually a hidden gem that needs a little shine. A quality website, can really drive business growth and lift your brand.

What Does Your Business Look Like In The Digital World?

As a simple exercise, check these 5 things on your web page:

  • Are all the company details correct, current and are contact details visible?
  • Is your web page responsive with optimal viewing on mobile devices?
  • Is the brand identity clear and visible, or does it need a lift?
  • Is all the content current, what’s missing?
  • Is the content engaging to your audience?

That’s a very basic list of things to audit. When we start talking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Analytics, things start to get interesting.

But if you want to make a good start, why not audit your website and take note of areas to improve. You’ll be surprised how much you find once you get started, especially if you haven’t done this for some time.

Websites don’t need to be costly and complicated, they just need to be functional and engaging, with the ability to convert.

There are so many tools available to optimise results and analyse data on your web page. This data is critical in improving web page performance, so keep an eye on the stats.

With the boom in social media, web pages have become even more important in the scheme of digital marketing. Make sure your customers land on the right page, and ensure your website is ready for any campaigns driving traffic towards it.

Websites really do drive business growth, but if it’s un-engaging, with low level content and function, don’t expect a miracle. Take these small steps, and take a good look at your digital footprint. It’s global after all, you want to look your best!

Milli Banks
Principal Consultant

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